The Jandal Story


It began on a sunny East Coast afternoon when 3 well-experienced beersies technicians were sitting at a small local Brewery in Gisborne contemplating why there just wasn't any straight up Kiwi bars anymore. Late into the morning they drank that day and from this the seed was planted for a Kiwi bar that didn't discriminate between Road workers to Lawyers....... well maybe Lawyers.

It was to be a home for all Kiwis.......where Hipsters could enjoy lively hopped Pilseners with Citrus notes whilst Barry the local Plumber sits in his favourite corner with his big bottle of TUI.

It would be a home where Kiwis could embrace the comforts that modern times has given us while also allowing us to reminisce the great Kiwi history. A Clubroom for ALL Kiwis, any shape, size, colour or creed would be welcomed.......Christ we'd even invite girls.

But what shall we call it? They pondered this over some time until Gisborne's very own ex international wine-guru-come-property-developer BLAIR sez.......It shall be called "The Jandal"!!
It's a celebration of Classic Kiwi beers partnered up with Local Craft beers, because we think it's important to support our future beer makers and so we will always have a selection of great Kiwi craft beers as we continue to search for that perfect drop.

Just as important is our Tucker. The Jandal offers a full menu that caters for everyone while still holding onto our Kiwi roots.

This is the beginning of a WORLD Revolution that we like to call "JANDALISM". Which by The Jandal dictionary means: To gather in one place with all walks of life in the company of great food and ales for the purpose of enjoyment.



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