The Jandal Bar is a concept with epic personality and attitude that cannot be missed. Our top-notch menu with a sophisticated system and support, make this a wicked opportunity to get involved in. 

Keep It Local

A big part of what The Jandal Bar represents is support of local business's ranging from kiwi craft beer to local produce.

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Buying a franchise is a great way to become your own boss, working in partnership with a proven and established business, whose products, reputation and buying power can help bring customers to your door under the umbrella of a proven brand. Owning a Jandal Bar franchise means more than owning a business -it means you're part of New Zealand's unique culture, Independently owned, licensed bar.

The success and sustained growth of The JandaI Bar is a result of our distinctive branding and effective marketing presence, combined with our commitment to the highest standards in training, service, quality food and menus, all backed by The Jandal bar's business systems.

Owning your own franchise business is a dream for many people. As exciting as the dream may be, the realities of actually 'taking the plunge' can seem extremely daunting. There are lots of definitions of franchising, but its principles are very simple. Franchising is an agreement that allows one party (the franchisee) to do business under a brand name and according to a given pattern of business that has been successfully developed by another party (the franchisor). The benefit is you can hit the ground running, have a strong network of support behind you, and risk is mitigated by a proven formula. Because franchising is simply a way of doing business and not a business in itself, the first question you should ask yourself is what sort of business you want. An accounting franchise is very different from a fast food franchise, which is very different from a lawnmowing franchise. Key to any decision will be your personal circumstances and you should give serious consideration to things such as:

  • Your personal goals.
  • The operating hours.
  • Your ability to manage staff.
  • The type of customers you will be dealing with.
  • The level of skill involved in running the business.
  • The physical demands of the business.

To find out more, or make application, please download our info pack below.

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